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Lies the Enemy Tells Us


Lies the Enemy Tells Us

The enemy is constantly attacking us spiritually, whether we realize it or not. His tactics change depending on our situation. One way the enemy attacks us spiritually is to fill our minds with lies. No doubt, he will use this time of isolation and anxiety to attack us in that way. Join us to learn how to guard your mind against those attacks and find comfort in God’s promises of peace for both our hearts and minds.

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  1. Mystina Abell says:

    Thank you for this Angie, it was clearly needed. I just read Matthew 6:34, it was along the same topic, this is very true. I appreciate your talk. ♡ God is good, I truly believe he has a plan, a bigger plan then we all know.

    1. Angie Hughes says:

      Hi, Mystina! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on here. I agree that His plans are bigger than we can understand. Sending hugs to you!

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