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Called To Influence 

As Christians, we are called to be influencers. Influencer is a term most often associated with social media and marketing.  A simple definition of a social media influencer is:  an individual with many followers on social media, who has established credibility in some niche area and uses that credibility to persuade others to purchase things. …

Why not me?

Somewhere in a remote village in Africa, there is a man secretly directing people to Christian missionaries near his village, so the missionaries can tell them about Jesus.  Many of his fellow villagers have come to Christ because this man is willing to do what God has called him to do.  This man is risking his life and the life of his entire family daily to obey God.  He is leading people to Christ in a place where death by stoning is the punishment for such and act.  Yet, he does it anyway.

As I heard this story and thought of all of the other men and women similarly situated and of all the Christian missionaries throughout the world who risk their lives to spread the gospel, I felt ashamed. I felt ashamed that I live in a country where I can freely speak about God and tell the world what He has done for me, yet I haven’t, until now.  If this brave man in Africa risks his life daily to to tell people about God, then surely I can spread God’s message in this blog from the comfort of my home. How ridiculous that I have waited this long!  It is through this website that I hope to be an Ambassador for Christ.